WW2 people files

Many people think that when ww2 started the British people only had a short amount of time to prepare for war.  However, this is not the case and the British government had been preparing for war since the mid 1930s.  For example, in 1935, the Air Raid Precaution service (ARP for short) was formed in case there was a war, and before the war began in 1939 the government had already handed out millions of gas masks to ordinary civilians, rising to over 40 million by 1941.


Click here to download Neville Chamberlain's announcement of war in 1939


On the British Home Front, many people volunteered for jobs that were specially created for wartime, all of which were intended to support the work of the soldiers, sailors and airmen who were fighting oversees.  Here are some fact files about some of those different roles.

Air raid warden


Munitions worker: COMING SOON


Auxilliary fire service: COMING SOON