Artefact fact files

ww2 first aid kit

ARP First Aid Kit

A letter from the King

letter-THUMB mickey-mouse-gas-maskTHUMB

Mickey Mouse gas mask

blackout-lamp bell eyeshields medals-2

+ many more

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At we believe that children learn best through Historical Enquiry and by being allowed to investigate artefacts themselves.  

With many genuine (and many more reproduction) artefacts to examine, pupils are encouraged to draw their own conclusions before a final question and answer session when the true history and useage of the objects is revealed.  But that's not all, for we also have the following artefact fact files for you to use back in class when the visit is over, promoting and supporting further learning long after the ARP warden is safely back at his post.  Here are some free samples, with many more available as downloadable PDF files in our resources section.