Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  How much does a day visit cost?

A.  Please see our current prices page.


Q.  Do you offer half days?

A.  No sorry.


Q.  Do you have an enhanced CRB check?

A.  Yes - this can be produced at the time of the visit or sent to the school via email beforehand.


Q.  Are you experienced at working with children?

A.  Yes.  I am a qualified primary teacher with over 10 years experience in both state and independent schools at both Key Stage Two and Three.


Q.  Is all the equipment safe to handle?

A.  Yes.  None of the equipment is dangerous to use and even our gas masks have had the degrading (i.e. harmful) filters removed and have been thoroughly cleaned for modern handling sessions.


Q.  Can you provide a risk assessment for the visit?

A.  Yes.  Like the CRB this can be sent beforehand or brought to school on the day of the visit.


Q.  What year groups is the package suitable for?

A.  Any Key Stage Two classes (not currently available for Key Stage One).


Q.  Can I use your services as a day's supply, with you retaining full control of the class?

A.  Ideally no, as while I am fully QTS qualified, you obviously know your class better and another adult (teacher or TA) is needed at all times to help to support the pupils.


Q.  How do we organise payment?

A.  By school cheque please, on production of invoice either a week before the visit or on the actual day.


Q.  How is the day timetabled?

A.  Roughly into five sessions, depending on your school timetable.  An itinerary will be sent closer to your workshop date.


Q. Do you cater for pupils with special needs?

A:  Of course, so long as you provide me with advice and support concerning their needs where necessary.


Q. How far do you travel?

A. Most areas within the North West, with a mileage charge for visits over 25 miles (see mileage policy here).

These are our most commonly asked questions.  If you have any other questions that are not listed here, please click here to make an enquiry.