Science workshops

Our new primary science workshops are great fun and currently come in several different themes, from 'Rockets to Rovers' and 'Incredible Inventions' to our NEW 2014 science curriculum workshop ' A Spaceman in your School'.  Each workshop is delivered in the same fun style as our history workshops and includes a range of themed primary science activities as follows.

Perfect your science forces or Earth and Space topics, this science workshop follows the history of the space race from the very first USA and Russian rockets right up to the present day, including the Mars rover and the Google Lunar rover X prize.  All of which is taught through a series of fun activities designed to inspire pupils about science and space exploration.


The day begins by watching an interactive HD video presentation, with front of class pupil demonstrations and the use of detailed scale models, followed by pupils powering a lunar rover around our pretend moon landscape, before making and firing paper rockets with a final model rocket launch at the end of the day.  


For more activity details and pictures please visit our primary science workshops website.

kapton-foil rocket-launch science-workshop-girl-with-rover

A more modern interpretation of our popular Victorian Inventions workshop, this workshop provides links with both your Design and Technology and Science topics as pupils explore a range of inventions that shaped the modern world.


Focussing on four inventions from a choice of either steam power, telegraph, the automobile, rockets, the aeroplane and photography, we take your pupils through a series of activities that reveal the history of the invention together with an opportunity to sample its actual use.


For example, in the aeroplane task, we use a scale model of the Wright brothers flyer to answer the question "How do planes fly?" followed by pupils launching their own paper plane on our custom made electric plane launchers, while in our automobile task, pupils design their own rocket cars to race against each other across the hall or playground.


For more activity details and pictures please visit our primary science workshops website.

boys-aeroplane-launcher inventions-workshop-car inventions-workshop-stephenson's-rocket

NEW for 2014, our 'Spaceman in your school' Apollo spacesuit workshop offers a unique experience that will put a real "Wow!" into your pupils' learning about Earth and Space.


Custom made in the USA by a company who makes museum quality spacesuit replicas, the spacesuit is a close replica of the suits used by Neil Armsotrng and Buzz Aldrin on their 20th July 1969 moon landing.


Mr B will arrive in your school dressed in the suit, complete with integrated microphone to speak via your school PA system directly to your pupils, who can either be gathered altogether for KS2 or delivered in the class to KS1 (to enable pupils to get closer to the 'Spaceman').


For more activity details and pictures please visit our primary science workshops website.