Our mileage and hotel fee policy

Our mileage policy currently comes into effect when your school is over 25 miles from our postcode M27 8EY in Salford, Gtr Manchester, at a rate of £1.50 per mile over this limit, for one way only.


So, for example, if your school was 35 miles away, you would pay an additional £15 (10 x £1.50).


The reasons for the policy are quite simple in that we need to account for not only the additional fuel but also the additional time required for travelling, especially in the morning rush hour when we often have to leave very early to account for traffic (typically around 6am for a journey that would normally take just one hour, for an 8am arrival).






In addition, in certain cases where the school is located more than a 1.5 hrs journey away (which would most likely mean at least a 2.5 hr journey in early morning traffic) we may also need to charge a nominal hotel fee for each night we have to stay over.


This is a discrectionary fee depending on our genuine need to have to stay over in such cases, and if this applies in your case, you will be fully informed at the time of booking so that you can budget accordingly.


If you have any enquiries about any of these policies, please contact us here. 

Mileage charges

Hotel charges (where required)

Please note that you will be fully informed of the full price of your workshop at the time of booking, including any additional costs if applicable as listed here.