FACT FILE: Mickey Mouse gas mask

In world war 2 over 40 million gas masks were made for the people of Britain.  As everyone was a different age and size, different types were needed.   This gas mask is for a toddler aged between 2-5 years old and is now called a "Mickey Mouse" gas mask because the American version actually did look like Mickey Mouse!  The reason for calling it this was so that children were not frightened of wearing it.


These instructions tell the owner how to pack the gas mask back into the box when it is not being used.

Everybody was expected to carry their gas mask everywhere they went in case of gas attack, even children!

The straps on this mask are coloured bright blue and made of soft elastic to suit small children.

The eye holes in this mask have strong metal seals to stop gas from getting inside.

This part of the mask is called a "filter".  It allows the child to breathe safely while blocking out  the harmful gases that might be present in a gas attack.

This part of the mask is a rubber valve that the child breathed out through.  It used to make a silly noise and a lot of children were told off for doing it!