FACT FILE: A letter from the King

"TO-DAY, AS WE CELEBRATE VICTORY, I Send this personal message to you and all other boys and girls at school. For you have shared in the hardships and dangers of a total war and you have shared no less in the triumph of allied nations.

I know you will always feel proud to belong to a country which was capable of such supreme effort; proud, too, of parents and elder brothers and sisters who by their courage, endurance and enterprise brought victory. May these qualities be yours as you grow up and join in the common effort to establish among the nations of the world unity and peace.

Signed,  George R.I."




Every copy of the letter had King George VI's own signature printed on it.

The letter was dated the 8th June 1946, over a year after the ww2 in Europe ended.

This is the King's coat of arms.  It shows a lion and a unicorn holding up a shield.

The King thought it would be important for the children to remember the dates of all the events in the war.

The dates include the Battle of Britain in 1940, when Britain was suffering in the blitz.

The letter even included a space for children to write about their own family's war history.

At the end of the Second World War every child in England received a letter from the King.  The letter was a personal message to all the children in the country and it included all the important dates in the war. This is what the letter said: