KS2 Air Raid Warden Workshop details

The air raid siren sounds as the class enter the hall to find themselves in a WW2 blitz and met by the Chief Air Raid Warden telling them to 'Get your heads down!'.


When the all clear sounds this is followed by a quick hello and introduction before we launch into the fun interactive timline, which pupils assemble themselves and which includes key WW2 events such as the declaration of war, evacuation, the blackout, rationing, the Battle of Britain, the V1 and V2 attacks, and finallly the joy of VE day.


Enforcing the Blackout, dealing with Firebomb Fritz and some first aid, WW2 style!

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Following on from the morning's investigations we continue with a range of activities designes to match the training regime of the air raid wardens in WW2.


Activities based around the blackout, extinguishing (fake) incendiary bombs (no real fire involved at any time) using a real stirrup pump, and our ARP first aid task ensure the pupils finish the day having not only had a fufilling experience of what daily life was like during the Blitz, but also with a great deal of knowledge of the topic to take back to their further studies in class.


But that's not all!  Our range of FREE teaching resources and WW2 2014 curriculum planning here on the site can be taught at the teacher's own convenience so that the visit can make a further impact on the pupils' learning.


So what are you waiting for?  If you would like further details of the itinerary in the form of a free enquiry pack, please click the "enquire now" button above.


"Just wanted to say a huge thankyou for today. I loved how hands on and interactive it was, and it brought so much of their learning to life adding a vast amount of knowledge and experience to the topic."  - Gill Wainwright, y6 teacher, Wigan

Each of these events are explained in detail with a combination of light hearted anecdotes, artefacts and acting opportunities, providing not only key background knowledge but also serving to set a fun and exciting tone for the rest of the day.


After this it is time for pupils to explore our vast WW2 artefact display with over 60 genuine WW2 artefacts waiting to be explored and investigated by the pupils in groups with their friends.  This is the most unique part of our workshops and as such it provides an absolutely unrivalled experience of historical enquiry for your pupils.


These artefacts include medals; documents; WW2 toys; costumes; ulra-realistic scale models; inert and completely safe parts of firebombs;  gas masks (guaranteed entirely safe - we are well aware of the health and safety worries with regards to WW2 gas masks and all ours are from trusted sources and use substitute replica filters - if you have further concerns, see our gas mask safety page here); items used by air raid wardens; items used in Lancaster Bomber planes; a V1 fuse, and much much more as featured in our artefact video here.


After this is over and some of the mystery objects have been explained, we move on to the afternoon and further fun as follows.