Key Stage One workshop version


Designed especially for the needs of Year One and Two

Our Key Stage One version of our WW2 workshop is tailored perfectly for the younger pupils of Key Stage One and, although more teacher led, still involves a great deal of artefact handling and lots of fun learning opportunities.


Working with one class a time, the workshop begins with an explanation of the role of an Air Raid Warden from Mr B, followed by a practice air raid when we hear the siren and take part in a role play session pretending to go into the shelter.


This is followed by Mr B explaining and demonstrating the artefacts, either in the hall on a table display or in the classroom via an evacuee suitcase.


The session then ends with an exciting finale as pupils get to have a go at putting out the pretend 'fires' of wooden targets with a genuine WW2 stirrup pump in the school yard.


There is also normally time to also have a go at some WW2 bandaging (with teacher assistance) in a full day booking, although half day bookings are also possible by negotiation.


Please contact us here for more details.

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