What was life really like for children and adults in World War Two? To have to cope not only with the rationing and evacuee programmes, but also the Blitz, the Battle of Britain and the threat of invasion? To  live in a time when sticking together and standing strong was not only expected but essential?


Find out now in our exciting, interactive WW2 workshop delivered direct to your school and tailored perfectly to both the current creative curriculum and also the new 2014 National Curriculum for History.


Available for both KS1 and KS2 and planned and delivered by an experienced QTS teacher, our workshop takes pupils back in time to the age of the 'Blitz spirit' in the form of a fun simulated Air Raid Warden training day, planned from the ground up with two main aims in mind. One, to bring your Second World War topic to life in a totally new way and two, to teach towards and to expand upon the topic objectives, so that your pupils will learn above and beyond all your expectations.

Outstanding WW2 living history workshops in your school


 Step back into WW2 with our many GENUINE WW2 artefacts and

fantastic themed tasks in our exciting travelling interactive museum

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"A thoroughly exciting and enjoyable session and a fantastic in-school experience!"


A Pepper, y5 teacher, Sale

"Thoroughly enjoyable!  It consolidated the topic very well with a real hands on experience which all children were able to participate in."


Nicola, Year 3 teacher, Salford





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Beginning with the sound of the Air Raid siren and with the assistance of a pair of pupil wardens, your class will be taken through a simulated shelter experience, designed to mimic as close as possible the urgency of a real air raid without any of the danger  (the KS1 version differs slightly, please see here for more details).  


This is soon followed by an interactive timeline with many acting opportunities, anecdotes and fun trivia from the Second World War before the main feature of a hands-on artefact investigation, with pupils investigating our wide range of genuine WW2 artefacts (such as genuine safe to handle gas masks with replica modern filters) where absolutely everything on display is available to hold and explore.  


The rest of the day is then spent on a series of ARP Warden training activities designed to match the key duties of the Warden's role.  These include blacking out windows to the tune of "Put that light out Nelly!"; bandaging each other up using a genuine WW2 first aid instruction booklet and ending the day by putting out pretend 'fires' with a genuine stirrup pump.


So what are you waiting for?  Contact us or visit one of the quick links below to bring WW2 to life in your school.

"A completely immersive and unforgettable WW2 experience!"

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