Gas mask safety and why our gas masks are completely safe

WW2 gas masks may look appealing to investigate and wear, but untreated original gas masks contain harmful chemicals such as asbestos, which can be extremely harmful to anyone wearing them in terms of both immediate and long term health problems.  As such, under no circumstances should pupils be allowed to wear untreated WW2 gas masks, either in school or indeed any they may bring in themselves from their own family collection.


You will be pleased to hear however that all our gas masks have had their filters replaced with modern replicas produced in house (they are actually bean tins, which look identical in size and shape when painted and treated), meaning the experience of wearing a WW2 gas mask is completely safe and preserved for the pupils.  We also use no canvas bags that may have been contaminated with fibres.


In addition, all of our gas masks have been verified that they have never been used in any chemical tests and are all thoroughly scrubbed when we get them, meaning that they are also completely safe to touch and hold.


If you have further concerns about gas mask safety or would like to know more information about how to deal with gas masks brought in by pupils, please visit this website where you can download the joint union statement on the health risks of WW2 gas masks here.


For further information and a copy of our gas mask safety policy, please contact us here.