FACT FILE: ARP first aid kit

During the ww2 blitz, many companies produced what they called ARP first aid kits that were made to help people cope with the injuries that people would get during air raids.  They were used by families as well as the Air Raid Wardens.  This is a typical first aid box, made by the company "Boots", who still have shops in high streets today.


The second world war plasters in this tin would have been fabric and would have been backed with greased paper.

This triangular bandage would have been very useful to treat wwII bombing injuries such as broken or sprained arms until the ambulance arrived.

Plain gauze bandages like these were used to treat lots of injuries caused by the ww2 blitz.  The same kind of bandages are still used in hospitals today.

Many people in the country had no first aid training, so many householders used books like this to treat ww2 blitz injuries.

This anti gas ointment was an essential part of a blitz first aid kit.  It was made to treat burns that would have been caused by gas attacks.  Luckily this never happened in the second world war.

These shell dressings were issued to wardens to treat the bad injuries caused by falling bombs during the blitz.