Workshop activities in more details

We offer a range of tailored activities to match our Air Raid Warden training theme, all of which involve the pupils learning from actual WW2 artefacts, as follows (KS2 version - for the KS1 version please click here):

Interactive timeline

Stirrup pump (KS1/KS2)

Blackout and first aid

Artefact investigation

Pupils reassemble a WW2 timeline with lots of fun facts and acting opportunities such as acting out the Battle of Britain to work out exactly how we managed to win and also mapping out the size of a V1 doodlebug.  


This is a great ice breaker for the day and is a great opportunity for assessment of pupil knowledge as a basis for the rest of the day's activities.

Pupils investigate our wide range of genuine WW2 artefacts for themselves in small groups, in several themed sections such as gas attacks, first aid and mystery objects, with items such as morse code sets, completely safe gas masks, many genuine WW2 documents, air raid warden equipment and much, much more.


This is a unique oppportunity to handle real primary sources and has been compared by many pupils and teachers to being able to step into a museum and handle everything on display in possibly the best historical enquiry session your pupils have ever experienced.

In what is one of many pupils' favourite activity, everyone gets the chance to use our genuine WW2 stirrup pump to knock over our pretend firebombs in a competition against their classmates before we have a more serious chat about what it actually entailed to be a fire guard during the blitz.

Pupils work in teams to black out windows against the clock to the tune of "Put that light out Nelly!" and also bandage their partner comparing two methods from WW2 and the present day to find out how first aid has changed.

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